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      • A Day In Georgetown
      • cmccaffrey10's Washington Day
        C&O Canal National Historical Park • Cafe Bonaparte • Georgetown University • The Exorcist Stairs • Sweetgreen • Shopping on Wisconsin and M st • Baked & Wired • Boating in DC - Key Bridge • Aqueduct Bridge • Farmers Fishers Bakers • The Tombs • Rhino Bar & Pumphouse
      • This fratty bar has a love-hate relationship with many Washingtonians - head inside and decide where you fall!

        Other bars: Ri Ra Irish Pub, Old Glory, Mason Inn.
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      • Visit Lyon in an original way. Comfortably sit in the back of our electric vehicle, let yourself be guided by our pilots who will share with you their love for their city. A unique journey that combines historical facts, good plans and friendliness.
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      • A Day To Lose Yourself In Hawaii
      • Paul's Hawaii Day
        Helicopter Tours from Kona • Private Hawaiian Island Adventures • Sunset and Stargazing Tour • Kona Overnight Tours
      • Ready your backpack and set on an adventure and see places only locals would go to is a good way to spend the entire afternoon.
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      • Venice For A Day
      • wanderlustbug's Italy Day
        Caffe Florian • St. Mark's Square • St. Mark's Basilica • St. Mark's Campanile • Palazzo Ducale • Bridge of Sighs • Cantina do Spade • Rialto Bridge • Alla Ciurma • San Giorgio Maggiore • Venice's Jewish Ghetto • Gam Gam • Cantina do Moriat at Calle dei Do Mori, 429 San Polo • Osteria Bancogiro at Campo San Giacometto 122 • Ostaria Boccadoro
      • Cannaregio is home to the Il Ghetto, Venice’s Jewish neighborhood. This area was made famous by Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, which featured a Venetian merchant Jew and his family! It is now a historical neighborhood where a small, slowly diminishing Jewish community still resides. An interesting tidbit to take note of here is that Venetian laws forbade the building of separate synagogues, so the synagogues are build on the top floors of the buildings instead. Check out the Holocaust memorials on both sides of the Casa di Riposa building.
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      • Why Locals Won't Leave
      • lojones9210's Charlottesville Day
        Bodo's Bagel Bakery • Humpback Hike • Blue Mountain Brewery • Downtown Mall • The Flat Takeaway Creperie • The Jefferson Theater • The Whiskey Jar • I would stay at: The Oakhurst Inn
      • One-of-a-kind shops, street performers and some of the best dining in the state line the historic red brick streets. Alleys and side streets are loaded with hidden gems.
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      • All The Stuff I Miss From Living In Barcelona
      • julien's Barcelona Day
        Playa del Bogatell Barcelona • Casa Batlló • Tras-Paso • Horchatería Sirvent de Barcelona • La Sagrada Familia • Mercat de Santa Caterina • S.I. Bar Ramón 1939 S.C.P. • Bodega Els Sortidors del Parlament • apolo barcelona
      • You can go to any bar in the small street called Parlament and have a great homemade vermouth.

        When people in Barcelona meet to drink something before lunch or before dinner, they call it "doing a vermouth". It means they drink vermouth and have something small to eat (remember they have dinner very late).

        Vermouth is similar to red Martini. Some of my visitors didn't like it at all though... :)
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      • The Best Of Richmond In 24 Hours
      • hungrySLIF's Richmond Day
        Lido Restaurant 麗都餐廳 • Iona Beach Regional Park • Steveston Village • Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant • Steveston Village • L'Opera • Aberdeen Centre 時代坊 • Yaohan Centre 八佰伴中心 • MoMa Contemporary Bistro Restaurant • Richmond Night market • I would stay at: The Hotel at the River Rock
      • One of the finest hotels in Richmond, and located within throwing distance of the airport! Sure there's a casino located inside, but I assure you - you'll be sheltered from most of that hustle and bustle... unless you like it - then get down there and party the night away!

        Ask for a room with a northwest view - you're gonna want to see the sunset. It is supernaturally beautiful. Enjoy the spa and huge pool, and take in a show at the theatre - everything is within your reach. Plus, the Canada Line train stops outside the door!
      • Replanned from hungrySLIF
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