Don't Forget Brooklyn
Christie O'Lala

Prospect Park
Any big fan of brunch also needs a big walk (or walk and nap combo) after their permitting of course.
Brooklyn Bridge
Another good walking option that gives you sweeping views of southern Manhattan. Bring a camera and comfortable shoes.
Brooklyn Brewery
An afternoon with good company passes too quickly at the Brooklyn Brewery. I've been here several times and still haven't been on a tour (oops). You're allowed to bring your own food inside, but don't expect to sit right away as it tends to always be crowded. I always bring visitors here- especially those who think American beer is limited to Budweiser.
williamsburg waterfront
The Brooklyn Brewery closes at the perfect hour to catch a summer sunset over Manhattan. You're close enough to the waterfront to take a walking detour before grabbing some dinner.
cafe ghia
The best burger in America is here. I've tried lots of them in my lifetime, but everything falls short of this version.
Caracas Brooklyn
Try to sit in the garden out back if you can. I'm not a usually a rum cocktail kind of girl, but something about this places makes me order one Dark and Stormy after the other. My favorite arepa is De Pabellón, but don't forget an order of Tequeños.