The Side Roads with Peek's Co-Founder & CTO

Oskar Bruening

Collector of Unusual Moments

My travel cravings are for the unusual, the local: taking a side road just to see where it leads. I always carry my Leica with me to eternalize all those strange encounters along the way on celluloid. My earliest travel memory is of going on a shark fishing tour in Morocco with my dad. Even after having been cut into pieces, the shark's nervous system kept firing, forcing the individual chunks to flop around all over the table. It left a deep, lasting impression on the little boy I was, and must be one of the reasons I continue to have a deep affection for the ocean. San Diego is a great place in that regard. You can go sailing, visit great museums and it's the perfect place to wind down. If you're not staying with friends, I'd recommend staying at The Lafayette.

The activities that can't be missed

1. A flight in a 1920’s biplane over La Jolla. It’s wonderfully bizarre: the plane doesn’t shake, doesn’t feel flaky, but feels rock solid. It's like riding a Harley hundreds of feet above the ground.
2. Enjoy the beach, with the occasional dip into the ocean, boogie boarding and ideally followed by a good BBQ.
3. Everything around La Jolla cove -- go kayaking! On a nice day it’s very crowded but it’s worth it, especially if you snorkel.
4. Take a drive out of the city eastwards towards all the beautiful state parks, then head north to Temecula for wine tasting.

The places you should definitely see

1. Balboa Park: Visit the San Diego Museum of Art and the small but respectable Museum of Photographic Arts.
2. Coronado Island: great for coffee or dinner.

The Side Roads with Peek's Co-Founder & CTO
The Side Roads with Peek's Co-Founder & CTO

My favorite places to eat

1. Cucina Urbana has an incredible burrata and prosciutto caprese.
2. Café Chloe is a charming wine bar with small plates.

My hidden gems

1. Hillcrest and its restaurants, bars and local music venues.
2. Cinema Under the Stars, an open air movie theater. Great low key atmosphere, great change to the usual Metreon conveyor belt movie theaters.
3. Prohibition is an awesome cocktail bar that ditched the "no alcohol" rule, but kept some others firmly in place.
4. The Palomar Observatory at Caltech.

The Side Roads with Peek's Co-Founder & CTO

The place I'm most excited to go next is Brazil.