Leisurely Day In East L.A.

Angelica Rose

Student, NIGHT.LIFE. and art.

Pho Cafe

Best pho in Silver Lake...eat breakfast here to cure your hangover!

Urth Yoga

If you are less hungover or just feeling ambitious this yoga studio is close by. Beautiful, peaceful yoga room and friendly teachers!...Plus lots of hot, bendy hipsters.

Norton Simon Museum

With a gorgeous outdoor sculpture garden and one of my favorite collections of impressionist and modern art in Los Angeles (among other things) this is a great low key museum that even non-art lovers will enjoy.

Old Town Pasadena

Walkable from the Norton Simon, plenty of shops and restaurants (though most of them chains).

Four cafe

A quick drive from Pasadena will get you to Eagle Rock where the delicious Four Cafe resides. They change the menu with the seasons and have plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans.

Pete's Blue Chip Burgers

If you want something less healthy, GO TO PETE'S. This is BY FAR the best veggie burger in LA.

Elysian Park Disc Golf Course

A great way to spend a sunny afternoon, you can bring beer and frolf to your heart's content!

Mohawk Bend

Hipster's paradise with a bajillion beers on tap and delicious food...come for dinner on your way to the next event.

New Beverly Cinema

Okay, not technically in East LA, but my FAVORITE movie theater in the area. They play amazing double features of classic, cult and new films.

Leisurely Day In East L.A.