Easy Day At Tokyo

Edward Tsai

Tokyo Fish Market

Go to the fish market at 5am and eat sushi for breakfast. Get the Chu-Toro.

皇居 - Imperial Palace

Start the day by going to the mighty Imperial Palace near Tokyo station, for a stroll in its Eastern gardens (the inner gardens are only open to the public twice a year, the Emperor's birthday on Nov. 23 and Jan. 2).

National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

Then continue to Momat (The National Museum of Modern Art), which is located nearby. It celebrates its 60th anniversary this year and is Japan's best museum of its kind, as well as home of the National Film Center - the country's largest museum for cinematography.

秋葉原駅 (Akihabara Sta.)

Find lots of electronics around Akihabara


Then switch the vibe completely by an excursion to Akihabara Electric Town, the nerd's paradise and Tokyo's largest hub for tech gadgets, manga, anime, luxurious plastic toys - and sex products. Here geeks (otakus) of all ages can unleash their obsessions.

TRUMP ROOM (トランプルーム)

The evening's climax is reached at the spectacular mini-three-storey club Trump Room close by, with one of the coolest club clienteles and interior designs in Tokyo (crazy hipster kids among hundreds of gold mirrors and chandeliers). If it is open this evening, that is. Otherwise, go to the slightly less colorful and more polished club Le Baron de Paris, a few minutes from nearby fashion boulevard Omotesando.

九州じゃんがら 原宿1階店 (Kyusyu Jangara)

Get a late night Jangara ramen run.


Grab a drink at Peter's in the Peninsula. Great view

I would stay at: The Peninsula Hotel - Tokyo

Phenomenal hotel