Into the Wild with Writer Ben Parr
Former Editor-at-large of Mashable, Entrepreneur

Adventurer & Beach Lover

My earliest travel memory is of a road trip from Illinois to North Carolina with my parents and my sister when I was five. I was so excited to spend time by the water. I'm still totally enthralled by the ocean and the amazing wildlife that calls it home. My most memorable moment in Oahu was scuba diving with turtles - it’s adventurous but so relaxed. I'd recommend being scuba certified before your trip! In the middle of such incredible nature, you feel like you're part of the coral reef. I would love to swim with whales next time. I would stay at Hotel Renew on Waikiki Beach.

The activities not to be missed
1. Surfing: Hang ten. This is the place to do it! Check out the pros at a competition at Pipeline, too.
2. Scuba diving: Oahu is a diver's paradise. Take advantage.
3. A helicopter tour of the island: The landscapes from above are amazing.
Into the Wild with Writer Ben Parr
Into the Wild with Writer Ben Parr
My favorite places to eat
1. Doraku Sushi: The founder’s family has long been treating the US to great Japanese food – his father founded Benihana. This is a favorite for sure.
2. Go on a food tour to eat like the locals do.
3. Roy's Waikiki: If you want fresh and healthy, Roy's is the place. His fusion of locally caught fish and freshly picked vegetables is delicious.
4. Sam Choy's Breakfast, Lunch & Crab: Sam adds something unique to all his local style dishes, and the view is fantastic.
My hidden gems

1. Go to a luau. Drink, be merry, and have fun.
2. Rent a moped and explore the coast.
3. Eat a whole roasted pig on a beach.

The place I'm most excited to go next is Tokyo - there are so many crazy things there that I still want to experience.