Sights And Sounds Of Rabat
Madeleine McGuire

Museum Educator

Mausoleum of Mohammed V
Start off your day with incredible, breath-taking Moroccan architecture. Inspire the senses as you walk through the residential streets to arrive to the Mausoleum.
Sights And Sounds Of Rabat
Sights And Sounds Of Rabat
Hassan Tower
The Hassan Tower, adjacent to the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, is an ancient minaret of an unfinished mosque, only built half way up to its planned height, and yet still statuesque among the Rabat landscape. I love the open plaza and the sweeping views of the city!
Rabat Medina
The Rabat Medina is the old city of Rabat - a complete change from the European neighborhoods outside of its walls. Lose yourself in the winding streets, and bargain with local vendors. The sights and sounds are intense: I could wander through here for hours.
Jardin des Oudayas
Walk to Oudayas, one of the big neighborhoods of Rabat. The Jardin is beautiful, with local flora and fauna impeccably groomed for locals and visitors to enjoy. I love taking pictures here.
After a visit to the Jardin, simply walk through the Oudayas neighborhood. Moroccan cities follow a code for painting their buildings: Rabat and Casablanca in white, Marakkesh in stunning orange... but Oudayas is the exception, with white buildings lined with an incredible aquamarine. The architecture is astounding!
Sights And Sounds Of Rabat
Kasbah of the Udayas
Wander from Oudayas to the ocean, and walk along the walls of the Kasbah to the beach. The ocean and ancient Moroccan architecture make for an awesome view!
Visit the ancient Roman ruins on the outskirts of the city. The structures are truly awe-inspiring, and the landscape spreads out in every direction, providing a myriad of opportunities to hike, explore, and of course take beautiful photographs.
Sights And Sounds Of Rabat
Sights And Sounds Of Rabat
I would stay at: Hotel Belima
Hotel Belima is warm and welcoming to international travelers, with simple amenities and good food. Located across the street from the Parliament, it is conveniently located at the heart of the capital.