Mexico City, Fascinating Capital

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Centro Histórico

The Historic Center is must attraction to enjoy the city in all its glory. In the last years they have created several cultural corridors and streets that have been specifically improved for pedestrians, which makes walking around the "Zocalo" (main square) and Historic center surroundings an enriching experience. You'll be amazed by the large number of colonial buildings and other recentily restore like the Postal Palace: simply spectacular.

Mexico City, Fascinating Capital


You could spent an entire day in majestic archaeological zone of Teotihuacan ("city of the gods" in náhuatl), former city from the Aztec Empire. Besides its historic contribution and mystic attraction, is a World Heritage. The area is concentrated by the main monumental complexes, plus two cutting assembly housing. Teotihuacan Is located in the state of Mexico about 40 miles northeast of Mexico City with several shuttles, tours, and daily buses available from the Northern bus station.


The Castle of Chapultepec (Grasshoper Hill in Náhuatl) apart from having priceless historical objects, this magnificent building also allows us to learn how presidents and emperors used to live and a big piece of Mexico's history. You can simply walk through its beautiful gardens, and enjoy a breathtaking view, considered by many the best in the whole city ..

Churrería "El Moro"

Simply a delicious tradition you have to try, will take you 15mins!

El taquito

Running for ninety years, assures the best tacos from the zone. Besides its tradition, its famous because all the old guard celebrities have been there, there's even a picture of Marilyn Monroe visit in 1962, graciously holding a taco :)


The Bohemian Coyoacan at the south of Mexico City, is known for being one of the most cultural neighborhoods of the capital, with constant artistic activity. There are multiple places you can check like the popular market, artsy shops, and take a tour around its colorful streets. If you feel like trying the real vibe, there are different cultural centers where you can listen to music, enjoy an art exhibition, see plays or attend writing workshops.

Frida Kahlo Museum

The artsy Coyoacan was the neighborhood of famous painter Frida and muralist husband Diego Rivera, where they produced a vast of artwork, and stories.. Located in Coyoacan's best area, the emblematic "Blue house", is a reference to the neighborhood. Is decorated over Frida's particular taste, marked by popular details and Diego's passion for the indigenous cultures. The house is well preserved, and even keeps real objects that the painters used.

Cielito Querido Cafe

An outstanding cafe with a very particular design, that embraces the Mexican theme with traditional sayings printed all across the place. Besides its characteristic decoration, "Cielito Lindo Cafe" has a wide variety of options in coffee and teas, as a typical dessert. As part of the Mexican traditional statement, they highlight Mexican specialties like; "café de olla", Oaxacan (Mexican state) chocolate (served in varying degrees of bitterness),and traditional "horchata" water served cold, or frappe.


Folklore, music, and colorful "trajineras" boats that will take you all along a lagoon and fun. People sell food in the boats, there's also mariachis and other musicians. You can pretty much organize your own boat party or share the boat with other groups. Back inland, you can check the flower market that has an area of ​​13 hectares filled with plants of all types. And there's always a place to get souvenirs, like the local craft market, and if you get hungry there's a huge street food court.

Mexico City, Fascinating Capital

El hijo del Cuervo

Staple bar of national rock in the bohemian artsy neighborhood of Coyoacan.

Los Danzantes

"Los Danzantes" (The Dancers) has delicious Mexican cuisine with a contemporary twist in the heart of Coyoacan. It was one of the first places to offer Mezcal (artisan alcoholic beverage from a fermented agave juice) as a first choice of beverage. They have his own production company in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, well known place for its affable manufacture of this distillate.

Mexico City, Fascinating Capital

Azul Condesa Restaurant

A sophisticated restaurant which has become an iconic spot from Mexican cuisine in the capital. Its dishes comprehend traditional recipes that the its famous chef researched trough in his tours across Mexico, with a modern twist.

M.N. Roy Bar

An excellent choice for going to have fun in a private context, along some national celebrity faces. The music will make you want to dance alone or in company, along their great drinks, and impressive architecture. You will not want to go.

Mexico City, Fascinating Capital

Mama Rumba

Rumba Mama Roma is 19 years in Mexico city, which makes the place is the most traditional, wrapped in a totally classic Cuban vibe. Is a place made for good Cuban music, delicious mojitos and especially for dancing.