24hrs Of Austin Favorites

South Congress cafe
A wonderful way to start the day right on South Congress. Have a Bloody Mary ( Rated Best in America by Huffington Post) or a Bellini with your brunch!
Magnolia Cafe South
An Austin breakfast staple for Love Migas.
Monkey See Monkey DO
This store has something for every type of humor. Just for fun tip: If you are with a friend or significant other give each other a $10-$15 spending limit to spend. Split up and find a gift that screams their name. Rummage through the Bacon bubblegum and Luchador shaped bottle openers until you find the perfect trinket. Meet outside the shop and unveil... Belly laughs guaranteed.
uncommon objects
Walk through crowded aisles of whimsical whachamicallits and thingamabobs. This antique shop is an Austin treasure.
Jo's Hot Coffee Good Food
Stop and take a photo in front of this iconic wall. It's a true love story that makes this mural a magnet for tourist from all over.
Gourdoughs Doughnuts
Gordoughs is epic. The doughnuts are sinfully delicious. Granny's Pie is my go to.. Carmel, Pecans,Bananas, & Graham Cracker. If someone offers to split one, just say no. Believe me, you will finish the entire thing! Plan on walking the block once or twice after to take shake off the guilt.
Guero's Taco Bar
Live music from Guero's fills the streets of SoCo and draws crowds in. Sit under the shade of a live oak tree enjoy the sounds of friendly conversation and outdoor music.
Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden
Enjoy a late dinner with live music at Banger's located on Rainey street. They are known for having over 100 beers on tap and the largest selection of sausage.
Container bar
America's first shipping container bar. What's not amazing about this? Each container is a different lounge area with windows facing Rainey street, which is great for people watching! The bar is a must stop on Rainey street, but wouldn't stay here the entire night. Get up and explore the the unique backyard drinking of Rainey.
Javalina bar
At the very end of Rainey Street is Javalina Bar. The bar progressively gets busier as the crowds make their way down Rainey and by last call you will be surrounded by fellow 'Rainers' saying goodnight with a final shot before crossing the street to delight in conversation and food truck cuisine.
I would stay at: Hotel San José
Hotel San Jose is the Secret Garden of SoCo with a bar hidden behind its wall of greenery.