A Sunday In Berlin
Emily Hawkins


MauerPark flea market
Every Sunday, MauerPark has a huge flea market with everything you can imagine and more--quirky booths and amazing food. After walking through the booths, stopping for food, and hearing the many musicians play, you can watch the live outdoor karaoke!
Park am Nordbahnhof
See an amazing depiction of how the wall looked when it was still erect but without all of the tourists. View history and see what made Berlin so different.
Mein Haus am See
Stop into this cafe/bar for a quick rest on the stadium style seats. If you don't make it during the day, stop by at night for a low key and cool bar scene of 20 and 30 year olds with an interesting layout upstairs and a cool club scene downstairs.
Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap
Cheap street food but so amazing and definitely a must in berlin! Gemuse kebap or doner is all over berlin and mustafa's is arguably the best. less than 5 euros for your meal, too!
badeschiff an der spree
A pool in the river! Fun, relaxing, and a party place!
Viktoria Park
Green, beautiful, biergarten, park.
East Side Gallery
Visit the famous East Side Gallery but at a time with fewer tourists so you can really appreciate the art!
Liquidrom GmbH & Co. KG
Liquidrome is a perfect blend of interesting, unique, relaxing, and fun. It's a spa, but at night, the pool area has music and lightshows and can be a fun way to start out your night and really experience berlin.
The best burgers, open late, in what was once a city toilette? Can't beat that.
White Trash Fast Food
A great club, so much fun! And right down the street from cool bars like Schmittz's!
I would stay at: Circus