Seattle In A Snapshot

Olympic Sculpture Park
Start off with a morning run along the Sound!
Pike Place Market
Treat yourself to Beecher's famous mac&cheese and Le Panier's amazing macaroons after your run! You can also pick up beautiful fresh flower bouquets for $5-$10 and the freshest seafood, fruits, and vegetables here!
Lake Union
Make sure to try paddleboarding on Lake Union! If that's not up for your taste, you can kayak, swim, canoe, sail, or even hottubboat on this lake. Lake Union sits snugly north of Seattle, spanning Fremont and University District, two neighborhoods that's must see. While on the lake, you can view Seattle's beautiful skyline south of the lake and Gas Works Park (with an old coal power plant) north of the lake.
Ballard Neighborhood
Make sure to take a stroll through this quaint neighborhood in the day. You'll find anything from fresh oysters from the Walrus and the Carpenter to homemade gelato at D'Ambrosio Gelato.
Seward Park
Take a stroll around this park, which is a peninsula that juts outward into Lake Washington. Amazing combination of both mountainous terrain alongside waterway paths.
Lake Washington
If at all possible, definitely worth taking a tour of Lake Washington via motorboat or jetskis. Make sure to check out Millionaire Row, near Medina, where the Nordstroms, Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates reside alongside this lake.
Portage Bay Cafe
Amazing, amazing whole foods for breakfast and brunch. Anything you could imagine and want, cooked and served with the heartiest and local of ingredients.
This restaurant is housed in the cutest Victorian home, and upon walking in, you'll feel as if you've entered Gaudi's house in Barcelona. Chef Jason Wilson does an amazing Modern American, infused with hints of traditional French and oriental Asian from his days of training abroad. Make sure to get the beignets for dessert!
Tavern House
Amazing cocktails and drinks. Try going here on a Thursday-Saturday night to get into the speakeasy portion of this amazing bar.