Kid Friendly North Shore Tour

Veronica Law

waimea valley falls

Make your way to Waimea Valley and hike out to the falls. Cool off by swimming to the base of the falls. They make it super kid friendly by having life guards present with life vests available for rent. Bring: towels, snacks, bug spray, sun screen, water Noteable: the trails are stroller friendly Food: available at a cafe at the entrance, but nothing else is available further inside and guaranteed, the kids'll want something to snack on Age appropriate: we went with kids in strollers from 9mo all the way up to a 6 yr old. While the 9mo and 14mo didn't get in the falls, the rest of the kiddos who ranged from 2 upwards really loved it. Note that life vests are required for kids below a certain age.

Kid Friendly North Shore Tour

The most amazing shrimp you'll ever eat - Giovanni's shrimp

The most amazing shrimp you'll ever eat - Giovanni's shrimp truck can't be mistaken with it's trademark white truck covered in signatures (of all the converts) and more importantly the line up for foodies in seek of a taste of heaven. Recommend: Shrimp scampi - hands down. I love a good kick from food but the spicy/hot shrimp dish was painfully hot and not as flavourful as the scampi. Noteable: The truck was parked near other food trucks so there are other options in case not everyone digs shrimp. Logistics: it can take a few minutes to get your order and with younger kids, it was easier to find a picnic bench than make multiple stops for food and then finding a beach to eat at. But that's always a good option for older kids.

dole plantation

So the Dole plantation is really only great for two things: the train ride - kids love it and there are fun facts for old and young; and the dole whips treats - a perfect way to cool down. The maze is way too hot to enjoy and the rest of the plantation looks whilted. So stick to these two items at the plantation and you won't be disappointed! Timing: We went in Sept and it was a there was no relief in the maze which is why it didn't jive for the younger kids. The older ones, 4 and 6yr old made it through the maze.