An LA Homecoming with Steve Aoki

DJ and Founder of Dim Mak Records

Sponge: Soaking up everything

I love this city and there is still so much I don't know about it. Even if I ever move away from here, my heart now lives in LA. The best part of this city is that you can party your face off and then tuck away into secrecy. I like staying at the Redbury Hotel for this reason. You can even live in one small area of LA and never really want to leave, and you might not 'cause you won't want to get in your car and get stuck in traffic. You will find the best food in the world here. And if you care about your health and living until Ray Kurzweil's singularity moment, then you will find everything you need here, from the best juice spots, organic supermarkets and restaurants.

The activities not to be missed

  1. The Comedy Store: On Saturdays they have 15-minute power comedy sessions back-to-back-to-back. Go see Bobby Lee, he's the best.
  2. Dim Mak Studios: The night club with the most history for breaking underground artists like Skrillex, Lady Gaga, Afrojack, Santigold,, Kid Cudi, and a million others. It's my club, so if you have a curiosity about where I came from, this is the place to check out. As you enter you will see the most influential graffiti artists in and around LA's art scene on the floors and walls: Neck Face, Andre Baron, Muska, and Odd Future Clique. Located on Hollywood and Ivar, the party we have been throwing there (going on 9 years strong) is every Tuesday night.
  3. Maxfield's: Shopping. Whether you want to just look and gawk at prices and dream of getting that sweater or do your juicy spend of the month (or year). They have some of the more interesting selections of some of my favorite designers all in one store.

An LA Homecoming with Steve Aoki
An LA Homecoming with Steve Aoki

The places you should definitely see

  1. A Lakers game at Staples Center.
  2. My annual Los Angeles homecoming show (venue changes every year): Last year was at The Shrine and was one of my favorite shows I have ever done alongside 5,000 raging amazing Los Angelinos. Check here for more instructions and dates.
  3. The Sleep No More Crew from New York have brought their concept to LA. They hold their party in an abandoned hotel at halloween. Don't miss this.

My favorite places to eat

  1. Eveleigh: The best fish and steaks, and the best tapas-style appetizers, like the squash, brussel sprouts and spinach.
  2. Sugar Fish: This is the best sushi place I've ever eaten at in the entire world. Just trust me. TRUST ME!
  3. Kitchen 24: For me, this is for late night cravings or post party food. It's open 24 hours and has a decent amount of healthy food for a diner. It has a wide menu selection and two locations: One in Hollywood proper on Cahuenga and one in West Hollywoof on Santa Monica.

An LA Homecoming with Steve Aoki

The most romantic thing you can do here is: There are a million makeout points in the Hollywood Hills. Find one and find a partner to makeout with. No drinks required. Drive safe.