Highlights and Delights with Adam Cho

Chef at Katsuya San Diego

Lover of New Experiences

When I travel, I crave good food and good company. I like to learn and try new things, whether it be about a new culture, new cuisine or even a view. I would spend my perfect day in San Diego because you can't beat the weather and there is so much to do. There are a ton of eateries and it is the micro brew capital! We would come here every summer to stay at a condo on Mission Beach. We'd ride the rollercoaster, go to Luigi's for giant pizzas and try to sell Hama bead bracelets on the boardwalk. I would stay at Loews Coronado Bay Resort for the great views and a relaxing time.

The activities not to be missed

  1. San Diego Zoo: It is one of the best zoos in the world! It is so big and has a lot to do.
  2. Tijuana: Now we are not talking about a Hangover 3, but "TJ" has a lot of great restaurants and bars. It can be a great time, but you need to know what you are doing. You can also drive a little south to Ensenada to get the best grilled lobster and fresh tortillas around, and all for $15.
  3. Beaches: San Diego's beaches are amazing. There are so many and they are all very different. Be sure to check out what I mean.

Highlights and Delights with Adam Cho

The places you should definitely see

  1. The Gaslamp District: Even if you are not a big drinker or partier, the Gaslamp and Downtown San Diego are great places for just walking around. Check out the interesting architecture, and if you're hungry, you can find anything your stomach desires.
  2. Fisherman's Wharf: A great atmosphere right on the water.
  3. USS Midway: Go visit one of the coolest sights in San Diego aboard the USS Midway. This floating city has been transformed into a museum and loaded with maritime history. Walk around alone or take a guided tour for an experience not soon forgotten.

My favorite places to eat

  1. Carnitas Snack Shack: How can you go wrong with pork! Great food and I love the ambiance, plus now they serve beer.
  2. Izkaya Masa: This little hole in the wall is great for a bowl of ramen or curry. Perfect after a night of work since they are open late!
  3. Mana BBQ: When you crave that Korean BBQ this is the place to be. I judge a good Korean joint on their panchan (side dishes), and they have the best.
  4. Vin de Syrah: One of my favorite spots to grab a drink after work. From the hidden door to the Alice in Wonderland feeling, this place is great. Not easy to find, but once you do you will never forget!

Highlights and Delights with Adam Cho