Wayfare Magazine's London Sightseeing.
Wayfare Magazine

No 17 Bus
We just love the buses of London, easy to navigate and the top floors of the double deckers feel like a custom tour of the city. The 17 takes you through central london, by St. Paul's Cathedral, and across the Tower Bridge.
Monmouth Coffee Company
Grab a coffee and a pastry before hitting the market, the lines are long but the drip coffee and espresso are oh so worth it.
Borough Market
Full of beautifully displayed foods, all kinds of samples- from tea to cheese, and tasty food stands, Borough Market is a wonderful way to get a taste of artesianal London.
Tate Modern
Walk just a couple blocks along the Thames to the Tate Modern. Admission is free so spend an hour or two browsing the amazing, thought-provoking, and a bit weird art exhibits.
Millennium Bridge
As you walk from the Tate, the architecturally stunning Millennium bridge paves the way to St. Paul's Cathedral. Enjoy views of the Thames and the brisk London air.
St Paul's Cathedral
We know you are a bit tired, but do go inside the magnificent St. Paul's Cathedral and climb the hundreds of stairs to the topmost spire. It's more work than the Eye of London, but the sites from the top and the history in every step make it our favorite view of the city.