A Perfect Beautiful Balinese Day.

Michael Liem

CEO of Weesata.com, Foodie

Pantai Batu Belig

Though this is not one of the best beaches in Bali, but this might be the nearest to where you stay if you live around Denpasar City. Have a refreshing morning jog by the sea is not a bad idea to start the day. See the sun rising before beautiful buildings from the beach is not something that you can enjoy everyday.

cafe moka

Enjoy a nice Big American Breakfast where Tyra Banks had hers a while back ago. This is a very nice restaurant in Seminyak with decent price menu to have your first meal of the day.

pasar seni Sukawati

Why is Balinese people so artsy? Ask the people at Pasar Seni Sukawati. Find out that all those handicrafts people are selling at those e-commerce sites (i.e. ebay, etsy, etc) are truly overprice! But remember, learn how to bargain before you come here.

cafe angkasa

A small restaurant to have your lunch! Read the books (if you understand Japanese) while waiting to those delicious various choices of menus here. Don't forget to get your afternoon Irish Hazelnut Coffee to warm your body up! It can get pretty cold up here.

Mount Batur (Kintamani volcano)

Going up from Ubud, see the unbelievable sight of one of the three big active volcanoes in Bali. You won't believe what you see right here. The next thing you're going to say about Bali is "There are much to see in Bali other than the beaches!" because everything is beautiful here.

Toya Devasya (Hot Spring)

Going to Mt. Batur is not gonna be completed before you dip yourself in the natural hot spring pool just by the lakeside. Enjoy the view of Lake Batur & Mt. Batur in a relaxing warm pool in Toya Devasya, which I think is one of the best one they got there. A little bit costly comparing to others around but trust me.. It's worth it!

La Plancha

It's a 2 hours ride down from Mt. Batur to La Plancha Beach Bar at Double Six Seminyak. Why here? Nothing beats the Balinese sunset view with a bottle of beer in your hand after a relaxing time at the hot spring.

Ultimo Italian Restaurant

Have your Italian dinner just right on the corner of the Oberoi street at Seminyak. A semi-fine-dining restaurant with the price of a diner from where some of you come from. Spend US$15 - US$25 the most and you'll get a delicious full set dinner including a decent glass of wine. Tips: Please do reserve your table before coming here around dinner time. They're always FULL!

Hu'u Bar Seminyak Bali

If this is your first visit to Bali, why not go crazy instead! Hit a couple of shots and met some new people - you might as well hit on someone interesting there.

I would stay at: the studio

A small hotel but an awesome one indeed! Get some deals from online booking service and you might be able to enjoy the paddy field from your window at a very decent price. Get some DVD and books from the receptionist to spend the night if you have trouble sleeping. Wooden floor, nice bathroom, HUGE space and of course a quiet rest on a comfortable bed after a long day. What more would you asked for?