Why Locals Won't Leave



Bodo's Bagel Bakery

These better-than-New York bagels are a welcome home for returning Hoos and new visitors alike. Warm, fast, fresh, everything.

Why Locals Won't Leave

Humpback Hike

Endless horizon views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, 20 minutes out of town and just a mile to the top.

Blue Mountain Brewery

Recover from the hike with a brew, friends, ridiculously flavorful pizza and live music, with mountain views still at your doorstep.

Why Locals Won't Leave

Downtown Mall

One-of-a-kind shops, street performers and some of the best dining in the state line the historic red brick streets. Alleys and side streets are loaded with hidden gems.

The Flat Takeaway Creperie

Behind the Jefferson lies a little crepe shop that will make you cry. With joy.

The Jefferson Theater

The year-round venue for the best live music in town.

The Whiskey Jar

The townie's Charlottesville. Come for the Sidecar, stay for the dancing man with the upright bass.

I would stay at: The Oakhurst Inn

Independent Inn close to UVA grounds with world-class service and as a bonus, possible the best place for brunch in town attached.