From Paris with Love with Suze Orman

Financial Advisor and TV Host

Romantic and architectural traveler

My travel cravings are for unique and interesting adventures with KT, my partner, and our friends. I would spend my perfect day in Paris because it is a city that evokes romance, and is ideal for long walks and people watching at cafés. I would stay at the new Mandarin Oriental Hotel when visiting.

My most memorable moment in Paris was strolling through the entire city – from Right Bank to Left Bank – arm in arm with KT. It was a delight exploring one art gallery after the other.

The activities that can't be missed

  1. Visiting the abundance of art galleries and museums – the Musée Rodin is a favorite of mine.
  2. Taking a photo with the Tour Eiffel in the background.
  3. A carousel ride in the Tuileries Garden (as I'm doing in my photo).

From Paris with Love with Suze Orman
From Paris with Love with Suze Orman

My favorite places to eat

  1. Paris is home to some of the finest cuisine around. Take advantage of this by going to a simple café or bistro and ordering steak frites or a croque-madame.
  2. Huîtrerie Régis in Saint Germain has a fantastic oyster and seafood tower.

The places you should definitely see

  1. The Louvre is a must, though only one wing will do. Be sure to look for the statue of Nike (the Winged Victory of Samothrace).
  2. Montmartre – if an art show is happening, buy a piece! It’s a fun and affordable souvenir.
  3. The Latin Quarter, Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Place de l’Odéon.

From Paris with Love with Suze Orman
From Paris with Love with Suze Orman

My favorite hidden gems

  1. Glacier Berthillon on Saint Louis en l'ile (KT loves ice cream).
  2. Shopping at the specialty food markets on Rue de Buci near Saint-Germain.
  3. The tiny sail boat pond at Jardin de Luxembourg.

The most romantic thing you can do in Paris is enjoy the art of sipping a café au lait as you watch the city wake up around you and your partner. The place I am most excited to go next is Patagonia!