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Your Philadelphia City Visit

Evidence of Philadelphia’s scrappy spirit and long-standing history can be found around every corner of this vibrant city. For a deep-dive into the nation’s history, head to the birthplace of American democracy at Independence Hall. Experience the hippest street in town with a casual stroll down South Street. Get a feel for Philly’s feisty attitude by running the famous Rocky steps at the foot of the art museum. Full of tradition, pride, and heart, Philly is a lively hub for those looking to experience an unapologetically authentic American city.

When to visit

Spring is the perfect time to visit Philly. The city comes back to life after a chilly winter starting in March, when outdoor events and festivals abound; including the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival, the Philadelphia Science Festival, and more.

Hot Tip

Ordering lunch is high steaks in Philadelphia. Avoid holding up the line at the concession window by getting to know the local lingo. Want your cheesesteak with Cheeze Whiz and onions? Order a “whiz wit”. Without onions? “Whiz witout”! And remember, for a true cheesesteak experience, sometimes less is more.

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