A Relaxing Sunday In The Spring Or Summer

Bukky Adebayo

Crema Cafe

This is the perfect spot to enjoy good conversation or good reads. Grab a sandwich and cappuccino and head upstairs to the loft. You'll feel cozy and productive in this quaint cafe.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

Check out the botany, dinosaur, and meteorite exhibits here. This is a little-known spot and never crowded. Admission gets you access to the Peabody Museum. Take a walk through Harvard Yard after your visit.

Harvard Book Store

Great used books section in the basement of the book store. Additionally, the used book section is very highly influenced by the nearby Harvard University.

Charles River Bike Path

Walk down the Charles River and stop for a bit of reading.

Andala Coffee House

Great coffee shop for more reading and awesome sandwiches.

Craigie on Main

Incredible dinner.


Dessert at the nearby Toscanini's

Lizard Lounge

End a relaxing Sunday with the Poetry Jam at Lizard Lounge