Family Fun In Sf
Tiffany Ho

Working @ the Googs

crissy fields
A great way to kill a few birds with one stone! Great for a morning walk/jog/run along the San Francisco Bay while also getting a, hopefully, clear view of the majestic Golden Gate Bridge. If you have kids or dogs, the beaches along Crissy Fields is absolutely perfect! You can even take a visit to Fort Point which is right at the base of the bridge and is free to enter. Go a little south and you'll hit Marina Green.
Savor Restaurant
Drop by into one of Noe Valley's ultimate treasures for brunch! Savor is pet friendly and their backdoor patio is perfect for larger party accommodations. Their savory crepes are delicious and the berry waffles are not to be missed! And if you have time after, 24th street is a great place to stroll by local boutique shops and the weekly farmer's market just a few doors down.
Humphry Slocombe
Looking for a sweet treat? Look no further than at Humphry Slocombe! They have a variety of unique flavors like Carrot Mango and Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee. The wait can be a bit long at times, but at least you can get a speedy checkout if you have the Square Wallet app on your phone! Enjoy some people watching through the window seating or the outdoor red seats.
California Academy of Sciences
An afternoon delight at the California Academy of Sciences is a feast for your senses. Find yourself encapsulated by the indoor butterfly exhibit and the planetarium. You'll learn about poisonous tree frogs and also get a great view at the rooftop of the entire Sunset area.
park chow
A perfect, cozy dinner place to round up your day. Find a table near their indoor, wood-burning fireplace and cozy up with some delicious comfort food and great company. From pizza, sandwiches, pasta, soups, and salads, there's always something for everyone at Park Chow. Just be sure that you don't forget to try their Pear-Huckleberry Cobbler. It's DI-VINE.
Twin Peaks
Star gazing? How about some city light awing? Take a drive up to Twin Peaks and watch your jaw drop at the spectacular view of all of San Francisco. Hope you've had a great day. Have a good night :)