Island, Inland

30 stockton
We'll begin our day on our favorite bus!
Caffè Greco
To go get special breakfast sandwiches and mimosas at Caffe Greco!
Washington Square Park
We'll start walking down toward the bay and enjoy the park for a bit
Alcatraz Island
And then we'll go for a morning trip to Alcatraz!
In-N-Out Burger
We'll be hungry when we get back and ready to get some delicious hamburgers and fries at In-N-Out! EXTRA TOASTY BUNS!
Vesuvio Cafe
We'll walk off the food back up the hill to Vusuvio for a beer or cocktail!
In a Uber
Then we'll take a Uber to the Haight!
Shoe Biz - Dinostore
And go shoe shopping. We'll, anywhere you want to shop on Haight!
Amoeba Music
I won't be able to resist a quick trip to Amoeba, but we'll find something there for you too!
Hobson's Choice
And then we'll walk back up to Hobson's Choice and have some Rum Punch!
Golden Gate Park
With our bellies full of rum we'll go for a walk in Golden Gate Park! Maybe all the way to 24th St....
PPQ Dungeness Island
So we can have an Asian crab feast for dinner!
In a Uber
And then a well-deserved uber back home. What a great day!