The Downtown Life with Jeffrey Jah
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My travel cravings are for beaches, châteaux and extreme sport challenges. My earliest travel memory is from New York to Bali at the age of 19: 5 jets, 5 stops, siting in the back row of a Garuda flight (Indonesia's national airline), and everyone around me was smoking! I would spend my perfect day in New York because I can walk out of my apartment or office at any moment and there is always something new to do or see! I've had several great moments in New York, but I guess bumping into Bono at the Bowery would be my most memorable. I would stay at The Nomad. I love the up and coming neighborhood and its central location to downtown and uptown. But hey, who needs uptown? It's all about downtown! My other choice would be the Bowery Hotel.
My favorite places to eat
1. Gemma - A great Italian spot in the Bowery Hotel
2. Miss Lily's - Awesome Jamaican cuisine
3. DBGB - I love the selection of European sausages
The Downtown Life with Jeffrey Jah
The Downtown Life with Jeffrey Jah
The activities not to be missed

1. Cycle along the Hudson River
2. Stroll along the High Line
3. Hit up New York's nightlife. It's always alive!

My hidden gems
3. The Russian Bathhouse in the East Village. Note that some days/times are coed, and some are designated for men only or women only.
The Downtown Life with Jeffrey Jah

The place I'm most excited to go next is Bhutan. I always travel with an open mind, because anything can happen anywhere!