Agua Fresca De Palma

Sia Alexander

Giving and Loving, I love food, healthy and good traditional food prepared with love, passion and skill. I love the ocean in all its manifestations across the globe. I love art and culture and people. Freedom and beauty. Peace and joy. La vie en rose~

S'Arenal de Palma / Platja de Palma

The most exquisite of shorelines blesses this beautiful island. Let the rising sun find you luxuriating on one of these divine beaches.

Ágape Bar Restaurante

Some agape love for breakfast is just what your yearning soul demands. Try it in the form of a tenderly prepared Spanish breakfast.

Helados Bellver Sa

Ice cream is not only for the kiddies. Have a little extra fun with delicious homemade helados. Eat in or take a scoop on a cone and head to the park.

Parc de sa Riera

Verdant parks abound in this quaint city. Explore one or two you must.

Placa Major

Wishing you lived here and dreading the return to your decidedly less romantic home base? Have some retail therapy in Palma's shopping district. Buy whatever you like. It's on me!

Glass Bottom Boat

Who can imagine such a blue-green sea as this? You can and will from the clear deck of one of these cleverly designed boats.

Caballito De Mar

Before the sun sets, your seafood Paella must be ordered and approaching your table, while you sip Rioja and await an al fresco twilight feast.

I would stay at: Mallorca penthouse

Do rent a penthouse villa during your stay in Mallorca. It is an experience of a lifetime and you will never, ever regret it.