Santorini, Atlantis Was Never Really Lost

Tim Weiss

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Enigma Cafe

Start your day with a beautiful view and traditional breakfast of Greek yogurt, fruit and honey with an Elliniko Cafe (Greek Coffee) as the warm Mediterreanean sun slowly rises over the caldera.

Santorini, Atlantis Was Never Really Lost

Old Port Fira

You can't visit Santorini without taking a donkey ride down to the Old Port of Fira. Enjoy spectacular views of the caldera and Fira as you wind your way down several hundred meters of steps. If it's a really hot day, the 'donkey scented' trail may be a bit too malodorous - so take the funicular for equally stunning views.

Caldera Tour

From the Old Port Fira take a volcano tour, and walk to the top of the dormant volcano where you can still see sulfur sputtering from the ground. After a fairly intense climb, enjoy a stop swimming in the therapeutic volcanic heated waters.

Santorini, Atlantis Was Never Really Lost
Santorini, Atlantis Was Never Really Lost

Lunch at The Cave of Nicholas (H Spilia tou Nikolas)

Take a bus ride from Fira to Akrotiri and while walking to the Red Sand Beach, stop at this traditional taverna. Originally opened to feed the workers at the nearby excavation over 40 years ago, they still serve some of the very best traditional Santorini eats around including fried white eggplant and tomato fritters (ntomato keftedes).

Red Sand Beach

So far you've had a busy day, so take some time to relax and enjoy one of the unique volcanic beaches of Santorini. Even if you aren't inclined to being a beach bum, you can't help be take in the beautiful environment and the calm cool waves. If you still haven't had enough beach time, you can take a boat from there to the Black and White sand beaches.

Santorini, Atlantis Was Never Really Lost


After enjoying your time at the beach, make your way across the island to Oia, which is possibly the most beautiful town in Greece. Make sure you arrive in time to catch the famous Oia sunset, just be there early to make sure you get a good place to view because it gets very crowded.

Taverna Katina

After the sunset, make your way down to the Old Port in Oia, and get a table on the water at Taverna Katina. Located in the fishing port, they have a beautiful view and serve top quality locally caught fish.

Santorini, Atlantis Was Never Really Lost


If you are looking for a busier nightlife, make your way to Fira for the busy clubs and bars. If you want want to take it easier, finish the evening with a glass or two of local Santorini wine and a view of the sea at the Pelekanos Cafe.

I would stay at: Hotel Keti

We I go to Santorini, we always stay in Fira. Fira has the best nightlife on the island, and it is in the center of the island making it an ideal location to take excursions. Hotel Keti is a lovely traditional hotel with very helpful staff, caldera views, and the price won't break the bank.