Ciao Santa Margherita, Italy


Villa Durazzo & Santa Margherita Castle

After having a typical Italian breakfast, an espresso and a pastry, venture out and visit the Santa Margherita Ligure Castle which has a wonderful view of the city. After, make your way to the beautiful Villa Durazzo. Stroll the breathtaking grounds / Villa and if you're lucky you may also hear opera being practiced. By now the shops will be open and you can wander the streets of the main shopping area of Santa Margherita and also the morning market where you can buy some beautiful fruit.

San Fruttuoso

A charming place to visit for lunch and to swim is San Fruttuoso which is only reached by ferry or hiking. The ferry ride is a wonderful way to see the coast from the water and the pictures are out of this world!

Paraggi Beach

Another way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon and lunch is to go to Paraggi Beach which can easily be reached by bus or car. There you will pay a small fee to have your own sun chair and umbrella and each beach establishment has its own restaurant where you might want to have a pizza. The water is beautiful and the view spectacular!

Ciao Santa Margherita, Italy


Portofino is a magical place! You will feel like you are walking in a postcard! It is easily reached by bus, car or ferry from Santa Margherita. Wonderful restaurants and you can stroll around looking at the high-end shops. Not to miss is visiting the castle on top of the hill which is a short walk. That is where you will get the best pictures! There is also a small outdoor art museum located in the main "horseshoe" as they call it.

Ristorante Skipper for an Aperitif

After an amazing afternoon, it's time for an aperitif Italian style and a great place to have one is at Ristorante Skipper which is over the water. An Italian Bellini or a Campari Soda served with complimentary little sandwiches, nuts, chips, etc. Watch the people stroll by and take a nice walk along the water to look at the beautiful yachts as you watch the sunset.

Ciao Santa Margherita, Italy

Trattoria dei Pescatori

You can't go wrong with a restaurants in Santa Margherita but after visiting there for 22 years, this is my favorite place for fish. Everything on the menu is great but some of the favorites are the Fritto Misto (Mixed Fried Fish), Acciughe Fritte (Fried Anchovies) and the Ravioli di Noce (Ricotta Ravioli with Walnut Pesto). Buon Appetito!!


For an evening of people watching and a drink Sabot is the place to go. It is located in the main square of Santa Margherita and is very crowed on Friday and Saturday nights with people spilling out into the square.

Ciao Santa Margherita, Italy

Covo Di Nord Est

If your looking for a night club with great music and dancing this is the place! Located on the water it is very popular on the weekends and during the week. People come from all over Italy to hang out here. You can also go here during the day for sun tanning and drinks.

Grand Hotel Miramare

This wonderful hotel is centrally located and has the most beautiful pool/poolside bar and view of the sea. The service is excellent and the hotel has a good restaurant, full service spa and health club.