An International And Local Taipei With Jetset Times' Founder, Wendy Hung

Wendy Hung


There's nothing else that screams the taste of home louder than traditional Taiwanese breakfast. It's the first stop I make whenever I land in the AM. I love taking morning walks to devour the freshest soymilk, buns and Taiwanese omeletes!

An International And Local Taipei With Jetset Times' Founder, Wendy Hung
An International And Local Taipei With Jetset Times' Founder, Wendy Hung

鼎泰豐 - Taipei 101

Trips back home in Taipei aren't complete without a stop at Ding Tai Fung, who makes the world's best soup dumplings. My personal favorites are: shrimp fried rice, shrimp shaomai and vegetable dumplings. The service is immaculate while strolling by steamy aquariums where dumplings are being made is always oh-so-fun.

台北101 | Taipei 101

Shopping in Taipei 101 is a MUST! Dior, Burberry and many other luxury brands designated their Asia's flagship stores on the 4th floor inside 101. Great spots to browse through products that are only sold in Asia, not anywhere else!

台北君悅大飯店 Grand Hyatt Taipei

Afternoon Tea at Grand Hyatt is such a treat! Live music with an assortment of delicious nibbles are served upon beautiful silverware. This is a great spot to eat and rest your feet after an afternoon of browsing. The giant flower arrangement in the middle of the hotel lobby always takes my breath away!

誠品信義書店 Eslite Bookstore

I'm a bookstore fanatic and this is one of the best in the world! I love the diversity of worldwide selections. I can find anything in French, Japanese, English or Chinese here, it's the perfect bookstore for me! The stationary boutiques inside are gems that only exist in Taiwan.

Cherry Nails

A must-do whenever I'm back in Asia: get my nails done! It's not just a typical manicure, it's ART! I love getting pampered while my nails are "Gel-ed & Gem-ed!" Cherry does a great job, her work never comes out looking too cheesy or over-the-top. It's the right amount of sparkles to be classy. Her store is also located in one of the hippest areas in Taipei: East side, where lots of great eateries, nightlife and shops are!


Street food for dinner is one of my favorites! Fried chicken, stinky tofu, grilled sausages...street food is the best way to discover a local culture's history and habits. Taiwan is known for its colorful night market that embodies out of this world street cart vendors!

Mod Public Bar

One of the best hidden gems in the city, Mod serves whiskey drinks as pros should! Bartenders are such experts, they know their stuff. The bar is so hidden, only real fans make usual appearances at Mod.

錢櫃 Cashbox Party World

Sing your heart out! Only in Asia is karaoke the best way to end the night. I love getting together with my family and friends, rehash on some of my favorite tunes in Mandarin and Japanese. Cashbox also has a fantastic menu, their beef noodle soup is one of the best!