My Perfect Day



I wake up in my house and I'm laying in my bed. When I walk into the kitchen, I started to make some bacon on the grill. About 79% of people in our country agree that sausage is the best food in this country.


We go to the beach and lay down in the warm sand. I bring an easel so that I can fingerpaint a picture of the beautiful ocean. Fingerpainting is our countries favorite art projejt to do.

A hill

We would lay on the hill and watch the clouds as the humid but cold breeze brushed against our face until the sun would set. The view was magnificent! I brought a radio so that I could listen to rap music. Rap is the most popular music today in Gator Prairie.


I would end my perfect day by having a good night sleep in this comfortable bed. I would sing a song in english because that is the language that our country speaks.