Romance In Guanajuato
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Restaurante el Truco 7
Their famous 'Chilaquiles' dish and the enchanting old Mexican cantina style, makes it simply the best place for breakfast of the town.
Callejon del beso
"The Kiss Alley" is nationally well known as the STAPLE activity to do in your very first day in the city. E v e r y b o d y goes there, couples and singles. In Guanajuato the alleys are so narrow that the balconies of the houses almost meet above the walkers. That's how the legend of "The Kiss Alley" was born, which locals tell with joy. It is said that if lovers kiss in the third step, their love will last forever. Nobody knows if it's true, but if you're single is the best excuse to get a date ;)
Jardin Unión
The "Union" square, is the principal plaza of Guanajuato city, is in the middle of the most important attractions; downtown, famous 'Juarez Teatro', the bar street, hotels, cafes and restaurants. Just to sit there is an experience while listening to mariachis, kids playing, and the local food vendors. It can be the perfect meeting point as it is reachable from everywhere.
Santo cafe
If you search for "Guanajuato" in the web, this bridge street with red umbrellas is a predominant scenario. Seems like it was built to be framed. That's the house of "Santo cafe"with a wide variety of coffees and teas, but overall well known for the most delicious hamburgers you've ever taste in your life.
Museo el purgatorio
As the craddle of the National Independence, Guanajuato has a heavy cultural baggage. There's a plenty of museums in the city, but the "Purgatory Museum" is the most singular of all. Is an exhibition of the "Holy Inquisition", brought to Mexico in 1569 as a Spanish colony. The whole museum is a spooky display of the techniques, equipment and other objects, that the eclesiastic order used in sinners, and people condemn as criminals for the Catholic faith back then.
Teatro Juarez
"The Juarez Teather" is one of architectural gems of Guanajuato, both inside as outside. It is crowned with eight large bronze statues representing the muses of Greek mythology. The recint hostest a variety of local and international shows.
Museo Iconográfico del Quijote
Guanajuato is sister city of Alcalá de Henares, Spain. Birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes, that as Guanajuato, has been declared a World Site Heritage. Don Quixote monuments are very common all around the city, but the most noticiable prescence of the character is the "Don Quixote Iconographic Museum", with a large collection of works of art in honor of the famous characters of Cervantes: Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.
Another well known atraction of Guanajuato. Inmerse trough the city's multiple alleys along a colonial style band formed by students. The "Callejoneadas" are a mix of serenades, a walking city tour and story telling. They're very romantic, and is a great way to learn about the city. People reuinites at "Union plaza" in big grups to depart together, so don't feel bad if you're by your own.
Universidad de Guanajuato Campus León
Besides being an imperative educational institute, the University of Guanajuato building is another attraction because its impressive facade covered with stones from the mines of the region, while inside are kept the former Chapel environments from Mexica Indians, and the "Alfredo Dugés Museum". Currently, the facilities of the University are the headquarters of the International Cervantes Festival, the most significant cultural event in Mexico.
Romance In Guanajuato
Guanajuato Tunels
One of the features that make Guanajuato as charming and unique are the network of underground streets.
Mirador Monumento al Pipila
In this viewpoint appointed by the sculpture in honor of independence hero, you can admire the panorama of Guanajuato from above. You can also buy crafts and gifts in the shops around the place. By day is reacheable by the suspended cable car, but is well worthy to walk through the narrow alleys following the signs to get there, you'll appreciate the views and the colorful murals in the way up.
Guanajuato grill
As the rest of Guanajuato arquitecture, this two-level nightclub is the most impressive in terms of structure, you can tell by the details in the bar, and in the roof, with a rustic-modern decoration. As a whole, the best well know place to party in the city.