Get Irie In Negril

Amanda Baye


Booby Caye, Negril (snorkel)

Rent a boat and head to Booby Caye. Do some snorkeling and try a fresh grilled lobster for a post-breakfast snack on the beach.

Get Irie In Negril

Seven Mile Beach, Negril (stroll)

Chill out on Seven Mile beach, take a stroll or bob around in the warm crystalline waters. Keep your eyes peeled for the fruit lady--you can get fresh fruit sliced and diced in front of you: mango, pineapple and papaya.

Three Dives Jerk, Negril (eat)

Jerk is a spicy seasoning made from scotch bonnet, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, thyme, garlic and salt is applied to chicken or meat and cooked over pit fires. Although the main street in town is littered with half-barreled barbecues serving up this quintessential Jamaican dish, the locals all pointed to Three Dives Jerk in the west end for the best.

Get Irie In Negril

Rick's Cafe, Negril (jump + drink)

Since you are in the west end, why not take a stroll down to Rick's Cafe, voted as one of the 10 best bars in the world by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. While most go to enjoy the sunset over a stubby of Red Stripe, you may just want to jump from the cliffs. If you end up peeing yourself on the 30-foot drop down, no one will ever know.

Bourbon Beach Bar, Negril (dance + drink)

The sun has set and you have had a full day, but the night is still young. Be sure to check out a live reggae show. Posters and banners dot the road with upcoming bands—and yes, there are some epic reggae bands that perform at the clubs along Seven Mile Beach in Negril. Bourbon Beach, is only one of them. Cover charges run about $20, but jamming to live reggae barefoot in the sand is priceless.

I would stay at: The Caves Resort