My Day In Chengdu


Wen Shuyuan

It is a famous temple in the city which was first built in Sui Dynasty and was rebuilt in Qing Dynasty .It has many historical heritage and hundreds of books on Buddhism.And it has a part of the cranium of a famous buddhist called Xuan Zang.

My Day In Chengdu

City Inn Kuan-Zhan Lane·Chengdu

A famous downtown area in the Inner city of Chengdu.There are two Alleys in the area .One is called KUAN ALLEY and the other is called ZHAI ALLEY.KUAN ALLEY has many kinds of food and small goods.ZHAI ALLEY is famous for bars. Be careful to the thiefs there.

Chengdu Wuhou Memorial Temple (Southeast Gate)

A famous place in China.An emperor in ancient China called Liu Bei is buried there.But it is more famous as a place in order to memorialize a famous Prime Minister Zhuge Liang.


A well known business quarter in Chengdu with different kinds of food and many kinds of goods.It is crowded with many tourists.It is near to the place I have been to in the afternoon.

chunxi road

Another famouse downtown place well known in Chengdu.What is different from the place above is that it is more modern.It is well known for its crowded street and the great amount of outlets

My Day In Chengdu

jiuyan bridge

A bridge built in Ming Dynasty and it is famous for many fairy tales one of which is about the fifth whole of the bridge which is said that there is a whole that leads to the sea so many people try to prove it by throwing coins into the water.