NYC Energy with Co-Founder

Bradford Shellhammer

Collector & Foodie

My travel cravings are for big cities. While others find peace and solace on beaches or in resorts away from people and their phones, I am charged by going to giant cities. I shop. I snap photos of architecture and people's personal style. I love noise, commotion, smells, sounds. I find peace within a city's chaos. Sometimes, like in Rio, when a city's beaches match the scale of the city itself, you can have the best of both worlds: frantic and relaxing in the same afternoon.

My earliest travel memory is of a trip to New York City in 1994. I was a freshman in college, and I'd never been. I arrived via Peter Pan bus and ran to the Village, where I stood at the corner of Christopher and 7th, right near Stonewall. I'd dreamed of NYC after reading all of Andy Warhol's books. I felt like I was home. And then, randomly, someone gave me two tickets to see Sandra Bernhard in concert. A friend and I went that night. A classic NYC night. Bernhard also recently helped create my most memorable moment in NYC, as she officiated my wedding at the Russian Tea Room (iconic), featuring Andy Bell of Erasure (iconic). Things always come back around.

I would spend my perfect day in New York because NYC has everything: the best bars, the best museums, the best food, the best weather (all four seasons!), the best architecture, and, most importantly, the best people. People are everywhere and they're from all over the world and the country. The people who are drawn to NYC want to change the world (theirs and ours). That energy is alive here. I would stay at the Soho House. They treat you like a king, and I always run into someone from my past there.

The activities that can't be missed

1. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. This is a must! The view of NYC is best from the middle, and it's exercise too!
2. Dine at Per Se. Eat hot dogs and $1 pizza all week long to save up. Trust me - the view, the service, and the food will blow you away.
3. Get lost in the Met and MoMA. These two institutions never get old. And I will always find a cocktail at The Modern at the MoMA to be glamorous.

NYC Energy with Co-Founder
NYC Energy with Co-Founder

My favorite places to eat

1. Cookshop. A great American restaurant with local food and ingredients and things like fried hominy and the best devilled eggs in the world.
2. Casa Mono. I'm all about the manchego salad, venison, and razor clams. It's tiny and loud, but worth those two distractions.
3. Blue Hill. If you're splurging, this is the one. Simple, understated, often hosting celebs. And the food is damn good.

The places you should definitely see

1. The Empire State Building. I am a sucker for classics.
2. Central Park. The season doesn't matter, it's always good.
3. Chelsea's gallery district. One could spend days looking at art.

NYC Energy with Co-Founder

My favorite hidden gems

1. The Future Perfect. A great store to find emerging designers and great gifts.
2. The Circle Line. Lots of tourists, and leans towards cheesy, but a cruise around Manhattan never disappoints.
3. The Noguchi Museum. Will inspire peace in even the most tightly wound soul.

The place I'm most excited to go next is Mary's Fish Camp.