Beach + Chope + Great Brazilian Music

Bruno Caratori

Jardim Botanico

Have breakfast and stroll around.

Couve Flor Restaurante

High-quality self-service, right behind the Botanical Garden. You may see a Brazilian TV star.

Praia do Leblon

PAtrons are a good mix of families and the young. Go in front of Rua José Linhares.

Botequim Informal

Go to informal for a delicious cold Chope. Try "Mineirinho" a stir fry of beef, cheese, onions and manioc.

Bar Urca

Drink beer in real carioca style, siting at the side walk looking at stunning views.

Oi noites cariocas.

In the summer, go to one of the concerts atop the sugar-loaf. Stay for the party afterwards. Cariocas are really into it.