The Inner Sunset: Fog, Food And More

Alexandra Chang

Arizmendi Bakery

Arizmendi has some of the best baked goods in the city. You can get delicious savory items like the cheese rolls and focaccia breads, or choose something sweet like the brioche rounds and totally amazing currant scones (sprinkled with cinnamon sugar!). The daily pizza choice is also always a hit. Grab it to go or sit in the adorable parklet outside. There's usually a line out the door on weekends, but it moves quickly. Note: CASH ONLY.


Super cute, super small coffee shop to get an espresso drink made from Ritual beans. They only serve espresso drinks, but they are super tasty.

Golden Gate Park

Bring your Arizmendi treats into the park at the 9th and Irving entrance just a block away from the bakery. Sit in the baseball field stands or in nearby grassy patches to eat, then stroll around the park to the rose gardens and Stow Lake. This park is huge, so it's perfect for exploring, relaxing and picnicking.

de Young Museum

If you have time, definitely visit the de Young museum, which has rotating exhibitions that always worth checking out.

Park Chow

Grab lunch at Park Chow, right by the park. The upstairs seating is like a very big treehouse -- all wood and light. Or opt for outdoor seating, where pups are more than welcome. The veggie burger is super tasty, and my meat-loving friends are pretty into the pork chops. Save room for dessert! Both the apple pie and the ginger cake are delicious.


An adorable San Francisco boutique with women's, men's and children's clothing and accessories. They also carry a lot of little SF goodies like the handmade romona bar (made here in SF!), a modern take on the Snickers candy bar, and cute little SF-centric necklaces, notebooks and cards.

Le Video

Remember when neighborhoods used to have local video rental stores? Well, the Inner Sunset still has its Le Video. And it's huge. Go in and reminisce the days you'd actually stroll through a store to pick a Friday night movie rather than scroll through your Netflix lists.

Yummy Yummy

Yummy Yummy is one of the best pho places in the city, and it's totally without pretention. The service is excellent and speedy, and the food is consistently good. There are several vegetarian options as well, unlike many traditional pho places. You get a huge portions of food for incredibly reasonable prices. My favorites: The vegetarian vermicelli (served cold) and the seafood noodle soup with rice noodles.

The Inner Sunset

Walk off all of the food you've eaten. Irving and Judah are pretty much flat between 7th Avenue up to the 20's. Walk along Irving, or venture back into the park by the Cal Academy of Sciences, where you can enjoy the lit-up water fountains.

Social Kitchen & Brewery

This is a nice spot to start the night off. Social brews its own beers and has a very comforting atmosphere with a diverse crowd. It's definitely one of the more dressy places of the Inner Sunset, though you definitely won't feel out of place in a hoodie. Grab a table with friends and order a couple of beers before heading out to a few of the more divey bars later.

The Little Shamrock

Beer. Lots of couches. Darts. Board games. Second oldest bar in the city. That's all you need to know.

holy gelato

Holy Gelato is open until 11pm, so you can get your gelato craving in between bar hopping. This place even has 12 vegan flavors for the dairy disinclined. (They are good, mostly sorbets.) If it's an especially cold night, order hot chocolate.

Mucky Duck

Mucky Duck is a place where nights end. With games of pool, dancing with strangers, broken windows and cut fists. Not usually the last part...