Walk Around Seattle
Terry Divyak

Owner of Shutter Tours in Seattle, WA , Photographer

Pike Place Market
Early in the morning the vendors at the Pike Place Market begin their day. The smell of coffee is inviting at the original Starbucks as you try to shake the cobwebs from your head after an early morning rise. Fresh fish coming from Alaska is packed on ice, the local musicians tuning their instruments for another day of entertaining tourists. Large rows of fresh flowers compete with fresh produce coming from the Kent and Skagit Valleys. The market is the oldest continuously running market in America and one could spend a whole day exploring and eating their way through.
Three Girls Bakery
Here you can get a pastry that was cooked fresh that morning to go with your coffee.
Seattle Art Museum
Walk a few block from the market and you can spend a few hours in the Seattle Art Museum, home of 25,000 permanent pieces. Don't forget to take photos of Hammering Man, who towers 48' above the sidewalk.
Seattle Public Library
The Seattle Public Library is an amazing piece of art in itself. As you step inside, you'll feel like you just arrived on a Mothership. Make sure you go up to the fourth floor and have your camera ready for the "Red Room"
Columbia Tower Floor 73
Though the Space Needle is known for it's amazing view, the 73rd floor of the Columbia Tower is 100' higher and only $6 to experience.
wild ginger
Take some time out to enjoy lunch at the Wild Ginger. Their Pan Asian menu is a great lunch value and be sure to try their Seven Flavored Beef dish.
Olympic Sculpture Park
Sculpture Park is a great location to stroll and enjoy the views of the maritime traffic.
Seattle Ferry Terminal
Take a quick 35 minute ferry trip to Bainbridge Island and try to schedule the return trip for sunset.
Anthonys Bell Street Dinner
After your ferry ride, go over to Anthony's and enjoy some fresh Northwest seafood with a wonderful view of the marina.
Market Tours & Espresso
As the night gets darker, you'll want to enjoy the Market Ghost Tour to learn the darker side of Seattle and its history.
Hard Rock Cafe Seattle
Check the show schedule at the Hard Rock Cafe' and you may see some big name bands playing or check out their memorabilia on the walls.
I would stay at: Inn at the Market
Here you are close to everything in downtown and their delightful staff and views make it a perfect location to end your day.