Things To Do In Harvard Square

Adam Katz

Student and HBS/HLS, Explorer

Henrietta's Table

Best brunch and breakfast place in Cambridge. Play spot the random Harvard professor.

Harvard Yard

Explore when it's at its most morning frenetic.

Widener Library

If you can find a student to sneak you inside, it's an amazingly beautiful place.

Darwin's Ltd.

Incredible and well-named sandwiches, difficult yet endearing staff.

Harvard Book Store

One of the last and best independent bookstores around.

Peet's Coffee & Tea

If it's nice, hang out in Winthrop Park with a book and a tea.


The best (probably only) rooftop bar in the square. Great for pre and post-dinner drinks.

Garden at The Cellar

Short walk out the square, but the food's worth it.

Russell House Tavern

Stay upstairs with all the cool kids.

the hong kong

For a more aggressive evening, scorpion bowls and the third floor.

I would stay at: The Charles Hotel

Not necessarily great, but there's not much better.