Sia Alexander

Giving and Loving, I love food, healthy and good traditional food prepared with love, passion and skill. I love the ocean in all its manifestations across the globe. I love art and culture and people. Freedom and beauty. Peace and joy. La vie en rose~

Doctor's Cave Beach
This is the irie place to be. Come and get some beach healing. Soak up the tropical breezes and find your balance.
Green Grotto Caves
Legend has it that these caves were a haven for runaway slaves. Explore the underground caverns for yourself, as you travel along the subterranean lakes and passageways.
The Jerk Hut
Don't you leave Jamaica without some Jerk. Fresh fish, chicken, prawns, you name it; they all can be grilled with this luscious, spicy, game-changing sauce.
Sunset Beach Resort & Spa
Before the day is at its end, engage the sunset at this beautiful beach.
Moods Nightclub
Ready for some Jamaican Wine? Are you sure? 'Cause its not a drink, its a dance! There are 100 ways to wine, but only one way to do it Montego Bay style. Here's your chance to learn!
I would stay at: The Tryall Club & Resort Villas
Everything about this resort is exquisite, from the private chefs assigned to each villa, to the delicious spa services at your doorstep. And then to enjoy a tranquil nights sleep in one of its spacious rooms, ahhh....paradiso.