Urban Berlin For Starters
Johannes Reck

Unter den Linden
Check out the Reichstag, Brandeburg Gate and stroll down Unter den Linden, Berlin's main street and breathe in German history with every step you take.
Museumsinsel | Museum Island
Check out the fabolous museums at the Museum Island. Berlin is renowned for its fantastic Egyptian, Roman and 18th-19th century collections.
Monsieur Vuong
After strolling around Mitte, enjoy fabolous Vietnamese Pho at Monsieur Vuong. Yummy :)
Prenzlauer Berg
Walk around Prenzlauer Berg and check out all the small boutique stores. It's shopping time :)
the barn
Sit down and relax sipping Berlin's best coffee. 100% hipster experience is guaranteed.
Katz Orange
Katz Orange offers an amazing culinaric experience offering purely locally produced foods. V
Bar Tausend
Warm up with a few cocktails at Berlin's hottest bar. They make fabulous Moscow Mules!
Watergate Club
Arguably Berlin's best electronic music club. Enjoy the superbe view on the river and see the sunrise accompanied by roaring beats. This is the soul of the city.
Kater Holzig
Still not tired? Well then head over to Kater, the place where the party is always on and party till you drop. At some point you will figure out that your perfect day had 48h. At that point, you're a real Berliner :-)