Mars on Maui with Sophia Amoruso
Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal

Relaxation & Rush Seeker

I am a plugged-in, spaced out beach bum with an appetite for hamburgers no matter the locale. My earliest travel memory is buying a Snoopy piggy bank in Tijuana. I long for a glass cabin in the middle of nowhere, alone, surrounded by trees and wildlife. I would spend a perfect day in Wailea, Maui - I love how the combination of the beach, scenery and the smell of the ocean has a surreptitious way of relaxing every muscle in my body. My favorite place to stay is at the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea.

Mars on Maui with Sophia Amoruso
My travel tips

1. My favorite places to eat are Monkeypod in Wailea and just about anywhere with fresh sushi.
2. Don’t miss out on the road to Hana - drive the "back way", on the local road - it's dirt a quarter of the way, and looks like Mars. Pretty cool.
3. Defy the rules to experience the dangerous stuff – swimming against the ocean waves, jumping off of rocks. Things involving rocks. And water. And cheating death.
4. Snorkeling: Go around Black Rock off the shores of Kaanapali Beach

The place I’m most excited to go to next is Tulum, Mexico.