Tokyo Decadence

Gerard Pinto

Curator of Experiences @peek, I travel with reckless abandon

代々木公園 (Yoyogi Park)

Invigorate the body and mind with a morning stroll in Yoyogi. Be on the look out for rockabilly dancing.

ivan ramen

To delight in the magnificence of a bowl of ramen, is an experince everyone should have.

shibuya 109

For purveyors of street fashion , a quick stop at the iconic Shibuya 109 is a must,

権八 西麻布店 (Gonpachi)

The fight scene in the first Kill Bill was based on the decor of Gonpachi. Phenomenal yakitori and potent libations make this an essential dinning experience.

Beat Cafe

A cozy bar hidden away inside a nondescript building. Indie tunes, and a good mix of expats and locals makes Beat Cafe a great place to get a drink before venturing out into the neon night.

TRUMP ROOM (トランプルーム)

Trendsetters hideout : The opulence is overwhelming. Beats on beats on beats. Party hard my friends.