A Laid Back Day In Venice


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Vaporetto Linea 2

Take a vaporetto ride (water taxi) through Venice's grand canal. Get to see the city from the water, and cut down on your walking time to get to the Ponte Rialto.

Ponte di Rialto

Don't spend much time here...it's just a bunch of shops along the bridge, but what a great view the bridge has. Take in the city and wander the trinket stalls before heading for a less crowded area where you can grab lunch in a little cafe with delicious seafood.

Piazza San Marco

Take the ride up the bell tower (campo) to get a birds-eye view of Venice. The city spreads out before you, a sea of terra cotta tiled roofs and snaking canals.

grab gelato for an afternoon snack

Pick your favorite flavor and wander the labyrinth of alleys for a laid-back afternoon. Stop in a little piazza and people watch, read a book, or kick around a soccer ball with local kids.

Murano Glass

After dinner, pop into one of the many shops selling murano glass, a Venetian treasure from nearby Murano Island.

I would stay at: The Westin Europa & Regina, Venice

Situated right on the water, this hotel is class all the way.