Under the Hawaiian Sun with Switchfoot

Jon Foreman, Lead Singer of Switchfoot


If the band is on a break and I have a free weekend, I’d be in Kauai. I love the outdoors. Kauai has a perfect mix of waterfalls, hiking trails, and beautiful beaches. It’s a great place to escape and wind down from the touring life with surfing, seafood, and the local Hawaiian lifestyle.

The activities not to be missed

1. Kayaking.
2. Go scuba diving.
3. Go to a luau.
4. Relax on the beach.
5. Hit the hiking trails.

Under the Hawaiian Sun with Switchfoot
Under the Hawaiian Sun with Switchfoot

Some of my favorite dishes

1. Pa’ina o Hanalei’s sautéed kona lobster.
2. Plantation Gardens’s coconut shrimp curry.
3. Casa di Amici’s risotto.

Don't miss these sights

1. Wailua Falls: A beautiful double-tiered waterfall.
2. Kalalau Trail: Stunning views of the Na Pali Coast with valleys, waterfalls, sea caves, and vistas. You can spend a few days escaping reality to free your mind with Hawaii’s greatest sights.
3. Waimea Canyon: It’s the Grand Canyon of Hawaii.
4. Anini Beach Park: If you want to kick back and relax, Anini Beach is the place.
5. Kauapea (a.k.a. Secret Beach).

Under the Hawaiian Sun with Switchfoot