Summer Day In Southern Rhode Island

Kerry Yang

Java Madness

Great coffee and snacks right by the marina, outdoor seating, and occasional live music by local bands

Summer Day In Southern Rhode Island

Schartner Farms

Strawberry picking in early summer, blueberry picking in late summer

Narragansett Beach

Grab some snacks from the nearby shops, park on the seawall, take a stroll down the wall, and plop down on some beach to enjoy the sun! One day's beach pass is $6, and parking on the wall is limited but free

Coastguard House

Delicious buffet brunch that overlooks the water, just steps away from the Narragansett Beach. Make sure to bring a separate set of clothes to change into for the beach!


If you have the entire afternoon, you can take a drive over the bridge to Newport, where you can take a walk along the cliff, see the Newport mansions, and shop in the historic town. About 25 minutes drive from Narragansett

Summer Day In Southern Rhode Island

Crazy Burger Cafe & Juice Bar

Delicious burgers and smoothies, within walking distance to the beach

The Tower at Rt 138 and Rt 1

Climb the tower at night and see all of RI from the top - the Newport Bridge, the beaches, Providence

Summer Day In Southern Rhode Island

Narragansett Rocks

Bring a blanket and some snacks, and watch the moon rise at night. Park your car on Hazard Street, and walk a few minutes through the brush till you get to the rocks.

Mews Tavern

69 beers on tap range from $3-$5, and the space is one of the largest in RI. There are several large bar spaces with different vibes, in addition to a restaurant area

I would stay at: King's Rose Inn

Located on Rt 138, this is right next to the University of Rhode Island and close to downtown Wakefield and the Beach - but avoids the crowds of Narragansett