Let Buenos Aires Inspires You

Erica Firmo

Buenos Aires Grill

Start your day with the best Buenos Aires Breakfast. You have to try Buenos Aires Girll famous cappuccino, medialunas (also known as Croissant), and orange juice. These will give you the right energy to your travel. How much? Nothing more than 20$ pesos (official currency in Argentina) for each person.

Estadio Alberto J. Armando (Boca Juniors)

Visiting Bueno Aires is nothing without visiting its best local soccer team stadium. La Bombonera (in English the name means Chocolate Box) is Boca Juniors stadium. With only $30 pesos you can participate on a English or Spanish guided visit inside the place and it`s museum.


If any neighborhood of Buenos Aires typifies Argentine history and spirit then it has to be La Boca. And Caminito (in English, little path) is the best place to visit in La Boca. Brightly colored houses brings to life the tango air and the city arts.

Brandsen 923

Ready for lunch? At Brandsen 923, in Boca Tango restaurant you will find a inspiring street tango show and excellent meal, everything in the heart of tango town. This restaurant fabulous lunchs will help you to go through the visiting day.

Casa Rosada

Casa Rosada and the Obelisco are famous cultural attractions of Buenos Aires. Casa Rosada building is the Seat of Government and also have a museum to disclose the historical antecedents of the National Government of Argentina. Obelisco is the architectonic piece of the city of Buenos Aires, located right in the center of the city, near to Casa Rosada. The visiting is free.

Museo Evita

This is a must visit attraction. The Museo Evita was created in 2002 as part of the Eva Perón Historical Research Foundation. With around $20 pesos you will have the opportunity to visit Evita Perón fascinating mansion and know more about the story of one of the strongest female images in the world. This is definitely my favorit pic!

Barrio de San Telmo

Yes, it is crowed! Even so it is worthy visiting and enjoying the view. The Feria de San Telmo is one of the most notable and popular events that takes place in Buenos Aires. It was unique artisans and antiques and happens every Sunday from about 10am to 4pm.

Abuela Goye

I highly recommend a visit to Abuela Goye during any stay at Buenos Aires. Before going back to your Hotel to get ready for the nigh, do not forget to go to a short visit at this chocolat house and try its "dulce de leche" ice cream or its alfajor.

Rojo Tango Show

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a fascinating Tango show and admire the impressive ability of the artists, musicians, singers and dancers. The show takes place in an intímate place that seems a typical antique Argentinian Cabaret, called Rojo Tango. Dinner show is around $200 pesos for each.

I would stay at: 248 Finisterra Hotel Boutique Buenos Aires

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