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Your Cancun City Visit

Enjoy sand, sun, and tequila on the stunning shores of this sun-kissed paradise. Known for cerulean waters and white sands, Cancun’s beaches are perfect for relaxing, swimming and sipping margaritas. For a true taste of Cancun living, venture downtown where you’ll find a variety of lively markets, tasty taquerias, seafood eateries, and artisanal goods. Whether you’re looking to hit the town or you prefer to stick to the scenic shorelines outside your resort, this Mexican hotspot is not to be missed.

When to visit

Beat the spring break masses and summer hoards and instead opt for a fall visit. September, in particular, chases the crowds away while offering lower rates and ideal temperatures.

Hot Tip

Check out one of the most mystifying museums in the world, located 28 feet below the ocean’s surface. Cancun’s Underwater Museum of Art features over 500 life-size art installations anchored to the seafloor; that also double as urban reefs to promote and protect the growth of marine life. Sightseers can admire this aquatic art by glass-bottom boat, scuba diving or snorkeling.

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