Views Just Outside Of Sf: Marin & Sausalito


Student, Active Explorer, History Fanatic, Food Enthusiast

Muir Woods Tour

Wide variety of trails to choose from. Easy routes around the incredibly old and tall trees, or more adventurous and hilly paths around the area. Beautiful views guaranteed from any path

The Chairman @ Off The Grid

Off the Grid on Sunday (really good food trucks) or Farmers Market on Saturday. Perfect to grab something to take on a hike, or to refuel after one

Tourist Club SF

Open to the public Saturday and Sunday- you hike to get there!

Views Just Outside Of Sf: Marin & Sausalito

The Art of Dr. Seuss

An awesome find along the streets of Sausalito. Super interesting to revisit the original works of Dr. Seuss we saw in our childhood books, as well as see some of his more mature pieces

Le Garage

After having a heavy, hearty and delicious brunch here, would be interested in checking out their dinner menu

Views Just Outside Of Sf: Marin & Sausalito

Alcatraz Night Tour

Day and night tours are both awesome, but night tour gives you access to the upstairs hospital. Plus, the nighttime gives it a spooky feel!