The City Of Brotherly Love


Independence Hall

This is the must-see attraction in Philadelphia - the Liberty Bell, the hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed...fabulous history. There's also a great, brand new American Jewish Museum right nearby.

Breakfast at Day by Day

The Franklin Institute

The genius of Ben Franklin will never cease to amaze me. He was the ultimate Renaissance man.

Pat's King of Steaks / Gino's

Pat's and Gino's have been direct competitors and archenemies for over 40 years. Have an authentic, greasy, delicious Philly Cheesesteak at one or both of these places.

Boathouse Row

This is a lit-up, beautiful nighttime sight. A must-see.

The Prime Rib

Amazing steakhouse.

The Waterfront

The waterfront has recently been rebuilt and the area has been rejuvenated - it's filled with restaurants and great views.

I would stay at: Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia

The best beds ever - it's like sleeping on a cloud!