Perfect Day
Amit Kumar

Sears Tower Dental Implant Office
This hole-in-the-wall restaurant, Toast, in Lincoln Park is probably one of the best breakfasts you'll experience - and much less expensive than the small-portioned, overpriced food you'll get at your hotel! From the stuffed french toast to various renditions of the eggs benedict, they know how to find a way to your heart through food. However, we're not the only people who know about this, so be sure to get there early or expect a bit of a wait!
Armitage Street
After your fulfilling breakfast, you might want to take a little stroll, and Lincoln Park is the best place for this. West Armitage Street, only a few blocks away from Toast, is home to a myriad of both small boutiques, designer brands, and that ever-elusive frozen yogurt or italian ice. What better way to start your day than with a new pair of shoes from Lori's or some new bathroom products from Lush?
North Avenue Beach
Since your morning was packed with good food and shopping, a relaxing trip to the beach is just what the doctor would order! North Avenue is known for its wide expanse of sand, sun, and of course, beautiful views. You can grab some food to go from Portillo's, snack on a hot dog from one of the many stands along the shore, or saunter over to Navy Pier for a nice lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp!
The Art Institute of Chicago
For you more artsy folk, the AIC is a beautiful place, filled with art from different movements, eras, and countries. It's easy to get lost between Matisse, American Gothic, and Pollock. You may even find yourself leaving the building and feeling more intelligent than when you entered...