Miami Art Adventures with Cynthia Rowley

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When I travel, I always need an activity from dawn till dusk. I've never been one to sit by the pool with a good book or go to a spa! I love to visit Miami for Art Basel. My most memorable moment in the Magic City was having drinks in the batting cage inside A-Rod's home - with his incredible art collection! I would stay at the Raleigh, for its history and old school Miami charm.

The activities not to be missed

1. Go to the De La Cruz Collection - it's my favorite collection of private art.

2. The Rubell Family Collection is always a highlight as well.

3. André Saraiva's pop-up club during Art Basel is always the best!

Miami Art Adventures with Cynthia Rowley

I write these recommendations from the Ngorongora Crater in Africa, and was in Brazil and Mexico the last few weeks. I would say the place I'm most excited to go next is New York City or Montauk, but work is taking me oversees for a new store opening so I'm very excited about that!