To Africa With Love
Sia Alexander

Giving and Loving, I love food, healthy and good traditional food prepared with love, passion and skill. I love the ocean in all its manifestations across the globe. I love art and culture and people. Freedom and beauty. Peace and joy. La vie en rose~

Labadi Beach
Ghana is such a dream location and Labadi Beach captures the essence of its mystique.
To Africa With Love
Fresh Coconut
There is nothing like a fresh coconut just picked from the tree and opened for you to drink, right then and there. Ghana's answer to the soft-drink, pure coconut water is a delight for the senses.
Global Mamas
How inspiring it is to souvenir shop while also supporting local African artists. Global Mama's offers you true fair-trade and the goods are lovely. Especially the shea butter soaps!
Kokrobitey Institute
Learn about all things Ghanaian . Take classes if you wish. Tour the grounds of the Academy of Art and simply immerse yourself in the culture, history and wisdom of this rich land.
Artists Alliance Gallery
Here you will find a curated collection of some of the most brilliant Ghanaian art. Adinkra, Kente cloth, woven baskets, stone sculpture and so much more in this multi-leveled gallery in a magnificent building perched high above the ocean.
Ghanaian Village Restaurant
Exquisite food can be found in this African homeland and many a good restaurant to serve it to you. Jollof rice is the national dish with grilled fresh fish, fried plantains and the ubiquitous hot sauce.
I would stay at: Labadi Beach Hotel
African nights: Falling asleep with the sound of tropical waves lapping at the shore below your window.